Friday, May 8, 2020

Freightcar Friday

Hello folks. This weeks Freight car Friday features 2 of my Proto 2000 50 foot Automobile Boxcars. These were some of the earliest freight cars that Proto 2000 did. In fact the Canadian National one shown here was the first freight car kit that I assembled after getting back into the hobby in 1996. The Grand Trunk one I assembled back in 2018. These kits are certainly more advanced than a Bluebox Athearn or an Accurail kit and even though they are now almost 25 years old, the level of detail and finish would certainly hold up well to todays high end ready to run freight cars. They do however have a couple of downsides - they can be tricky to do a good job assembling (although anyone who has assembled several model kits should have the skills required) and secondly , the detail parts such as the handrails and stirrup steps are extremely fragile and can be easily broken during assembly and handling afterwards- that being said, I would not recommend these for an operations themed layout where handling the models is common. I have a couple more that I recently picked up on eBay that will require assemble as well as one Canadian National ( wet noddle scheme) that was factory assembled. These models can still be found on Ebay in single model form or 2 and 6 pack versions. I do like that they take one back to the days where it was more common to have to put together a freight car kit to get a nice model  than having it come in RTR format, which is more common today. I found that assembling the kit made for a few enjoyable evenings of modeling time. Till next time.

Grand Trunk # 591209

Canadian National # 559003

50 Foot Automobile Boxcars

End Loading doors on Grand Trunk Car

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Completed On30 Tool car

Hi Folks. This past week, I have slowed down a bit with modeling, as the outdoor weather has been turning a bit nicer. However it is still spring in Nova Scotia and rainy days are often. I managed to finish up ( for the most part) the On30 tool car that I started back in January ( see January post). The part of this build that I had to give the most thought to was what I was going to put on the flatcar deck portion of the deck to give it a used (but maintained ) look. I decided on a Grandt Line O scale switch stand, a painted fuel barrel, and a few pieces of new strip wood. Here are a few pictures. Till next time...

On30 Tool Car

On30 Tool Car

Deck of On30 Tool Car