Friday, February 21, 2020

Freight Car Friday

Hi folks. 2 more cars that I picked up at the show in Springfield last month. These are fairly new releases from the Atlas Trainman series. I had 2 of the exact same gondolas (same road name -different #'s)  back from the second run of these in Nov 2006 when they Train Man series first started.  They were road #'s 1132 and 1161 - I sold them off, back during my change over to On30 approx. 8-9 years ago. Now that I am back in HO as well as On30 , I decided to buy 2 more. So far the only change I made was to replace the couplers with Kadee #148's. Those of you familiar with the Train Man series know that this is the budget priced lined from Atlas - cars from this line have less detail parts with a lot being of the molded on variety - still nice cars, and probably better than highly detailed ones for operating sessions where cars get handled (read less damage) frequently. Till next time...

Maine Central # 1104

Maine Central #1134

One of the original 2 cars ( since sold off) on my old MEC layout. This one is # 1161

Friday, February 14, 2020

Freight Car Friday

Hi Folks - picked up 2 new Kadee PS-1 50 foot boxcars (both with cushioned underframes) at last months Big E show in Springfield. I have always liked the Kadee freight cars and think that they are pretty much top of the line - in RTR HO scale freight cars.The Bangor and Aroostook car was from Toms Trains and the D&H car was from the Kadee booth. It was marked as having minor paint imperfections and was listed at 20$ ( still factory sealed). I had to look hard to find the paint imperfection - tiny blue overspray on one corner that meets the roof line - so in my mind I got a great deal -thanks Kadee! As an aside, the gents from Kadee were staying at the same hotel as us and we sat with them for breakfast one morning and had a nice chat. Happy Friday all....

Bangor and Aroostook # 6024

D&H #50058